Titles by the author


I have had short stories published in the following titles:

  • Don't Forget Your Spacesuit on Amazon.co.uk (Don't Go Near The Water - with Chris Power)
    Baen (July 1996) ISBN 0-671-87732-1
  • Gods of War
  • Infinite Celebrations
    Dreams Unlimited ISBN 1-892520-30-3
  • Heaven and Hell
    Speculation Press (NYP)


  • God-Dancer

    Available on Amazon Kindle

    Set in Minoan Crete, where young men and women are trained to perform the deadly Bull-Dance, leaping to demonstrate their worship of the Gods.

    The latest recruit doesn't yet know his destiny or the perils which await him.

    He must navigate the training and the politics of the elite who have their own agendas.

  • Nettleflower - with Chris Power
  • Available on Amazon.co.uk

    Set in Welsh Marches in the middle of the eleventh century, Nettleflower is a story of romance, violence, and betrayal. Mourning the death of her betrothed, Reagan is set on a life within convent walls. Her harper thinks differently. Her neighbour, the thane Leofric, also would like her to change her mind...

  • Sunfire - with Chris Quinton.
  • (excerpt available PDF 30k) Available from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk. Four Star Rated! (previously called "Tribute Trail")

    Trained all his life to serve the will of the Great Goddess, Kherin is her Chosen, her warrior, mage and priest. The prophecy at his birth told of great things. Betrayed by one he trusted and taken far from his homeland, he is given as part of an annual tribute to a barbarian chief in payment for border protection.

    With enemies on the borders of his land threatening invasion and enemies within the tribe working against him, Rythian has no time for the whims of deities. He fights his god’s intent every step of the way.

  • Sunfire and Shadows - with Chris Quinton.
  • (excerpt available PDF 8k) Available from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.

    At Kherin's birth in faraway Khassan, a seer prophesied, 'He will make the mountains to dance, and bring change to a great nation.

    Rythian and Kherin have gained one victory over their enemies but the threat of invasion from Tylos is ever-present. Their enemies within the tribe gain new allies and treachery is brewed. The Mage of Tylos schemes to take Kherin prisoner - his captive daemon must be bribed with blood.

Works in progress

  • Shadows on the Sun
    An alternative history in which Richard III wins the Battle of Bosworth.

Unpublished works

  • Too many to list