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About Me

I love to read - anything, in a pinch. I think it's an addiction. I love classic SF, history, travel, and animals.

I've been writing for as long as I can remember, but first teamed up with Chris Power in the '70s to write 'fan-fiction'. After some time (and several awards!) we branched out into writing our own brand of 'cop-show', and from that, to writing fantasy and historical fiction.

I am always happy to get any kind of comment about my work. Creative criticism, even. Tell me what you liked, why you liked it. What you didn't like, ditto!

My Cats

CleoCLEO (Darktower Dilana) is a Tortie-Tabby & White Maine Coon girl, a real stunner, and a Premier. A sweetheart who has the whole family under her velvet paw!

CLEO has no hobbies. She has Purrr-poses of Life... Watching birds, washing other cats, being beautiful.

SaffiSAFFI is a Blue Somali girl.
The kitten of the family, she made her presence know.
Hobbies include hunting frogs, butterflies and eating.
RufusSAM is the new boy in the household. A British Shorthair, he hasn't decided what his name will be in the future. He also doesn't know he's the only boy.

Hobbies include purring and exploring his new domain.