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Terri Beckett


Now back in North Wales after four years in Grand Cayman, in the Caribbean (proof positive that no good deed goes unpunished) I am 46 years married (to the same man!), with one son, three cats and one grandson.

I love to read - anything, in a pinch. I think it's an addiction. I love classic SF, history, travel, and animals.

I've been writing for as long as I can remember, but first teamed up with Chris Power in the '70s to write 'fan-fiction'. After some time (and several awards!) we branched out into writing our own brand of 'cop-show', and from that, to writing fantasy and historical fiction.

I am always happy to get any kind of comment about my work. Creative criticism, even. Tell me what you liked, why you liked it. What you didn't like, ditto!


CleoCLEO (Darktower Dilana) is a Tortie-Tabby & White Maine Coon girl, a real stunner, and already a Premier. A sweetheart who already has the whole family under her velvet paw!

CLEO has no hobbies. She has Purrr-poses of Life... Watching birds, washing other cats, being beautiful.

MerryMERI (full name Adfursh Meriadoc Brandybuck, but we only call him that when he's being a bad boy) is a Usual Silver Somali. He came to us after Pippin, his predecessor, went to Rainbow Bridge. He shares many of Pip's endearing qualities.

Hobbies include lying upside down while having tummy stroked, asserting dominance over all other cats, and eating.

Meri is a registered Pets-as-therapy (PAT) cat. One of a select few in the country.

RufusRUFUS (Brizlincoat Brigadier) is a Usual Somali. He is a full Premier and was on the way to Grand when he decided that this was not a good career choice.

Hobbies include Escapology and plucking out his tail fur.